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Foundation for the Advancement of Western Classical Performing Arts



We believe that the arts have a significant role in education. F.W.C.P.A. is dedicated to preserving the education of Western Classical Performing Arts.

The Sad Truth

If schools do no recognize the value of music education then music is at risk of suffering from serious budget cuts. 

According to The National Assessment of Education Programs in the Arts, student exposure to classical performing arts is in a decline since 1997. If schools are facing budget cuts then it is not uncommon to see the elimination of music education. F.W.C.P.A is dedicated to preserving music education and classical performing arts.

F.W.C.P.A. Appreciates Your Donation.

Please Donate to preserve the education of Western Classical Performing Arts.

Music learning has been found to have a positive impact on brain development, improving language, literacy, reading, comprehension, aural memory, spatial and self-regulation skills, psychological wellbeing and health.

- Linda Morris